ma_graphics_trackAre you creative? Do you enjoy working with computers? Are you drawn to providing visual solutions to visual challenges? If so, graphic design may be your career of choice! The Maalot graphic design program provides the students with a strong and thorough design theory foundation along with advanced technical skills on the computer.

The courses plus additional lab hours culminate in the completion of professional print design and prepare students to enter the job market immediately.

Students complete projects such as posters, corporate identities, advertising campaigns, book covers, magazine layouts, packaging, as well as designing & building their own portfolio website. Most students apply their Maalot coursework towards a BA in liberal studies.

Calligraphy I ART 284

Major topics covered are: Hebrew and English lettering using a wide variety of calligraphy materials, traditional style sculpting, spacing between letters; common and unique layout styles; illumination of the work, preparation of camera-ready copy of invitations, plaques, ketubot, family trees, awards and honoraria are among the topics covered in the course.

Color Theory ART 221

Major topics covered are: putting color theory into practice; development of color throughout history; experimenting with color in period styles; light and shadow in portraiture; experimenting using gauche and acrylic; use of color in print media.

Computer Animation for Multimedia and Web ART 491

Major topics covered are: the required skills to create dynamic, animated content from basic animations to entire websites, how to add sound, and advanced interaction to the website using a professional multimedia package.

Digital Illustration ART 298

Major topics covered in the course are: the use of a vector graphics illustration computer application and the implementation of graphic design projects on the computer.

Digital Image Manipulation ART 394

Major topics covered in the course are: digital painting techniques, photo restoration, color correction, and advanced techniques for applying textures, patterns and special effects to digital photos and graphic images utilizing a professional digital imaging software package.

Digital Photography PHO 101

Major topics covered in this course include: Overview of fine art photography masters and their photographic styles. Developing proficiency in technical aspects of photographing with a digital camera and its accessories. Developing image editing skills for photographers utilizing a professional software application. Developing skills in seeking and developing creative compositions for successful photographs. Creating a portfolio of best photographs shot throughout the course.

Drawing I ART 101

Major topics covered are: an introduction to the art of drawing and illustration with regard to its practice, theory and appreciation, the fundamental principles of line, tone, texture, perspective and composition. The student will complete drawings using black and white media and will explore their effects and applications in their illustrations.

Drawing II ART 102

Major topics covered are: an introduction to the art of drawing and illustration with various types of color media, the fundamental principles of line, tone, texture, perspective and composition. The student will explore a wide range of colored mediums and investigate their effects and uses on the drawing.

Electronic Production Procedures ART 116

Properly preparing documents for print requires a broad range of knowledge. Major topics covered will be from the prepress stage through the finishing stages of the project: layout of computer files, scanning; proper resolutions, reducing moire patterns, saving files in appropriate file formats, selecting correct colors and fonts, trapping, saving Postscript or PDF files, proofing methods, job orders, selecting the ideal printer, and methods of sending file to service bureau/printer. Student field trips to prepress service bureau, print shop, digital print shop, paper factory and bindery will familiarize them with today’s printing arena and will equip them with all the knowledge needed when preparing graphic designs for high resolution printing.

Graphic Communication I ART 495

Major topics covered are: design and communication skills and techniques for visual communication information design for commercial clientele. The relationship between strategic marketing and design development will be explored. Projects include a poster series, corporate image and an advertising campaign. The emphasis is on cultivating student potential and building a student portfolio.

Graphic Communication II ART 495

Major topics covered in the course are: analyzing the design problem based upon the client needs, consumer demographics, and practical constraints (e.g. deadlines and production techniques); production of several workable solutions; and development of a final design. Emphasis will be placed upon creating a unique approach to the design while retaining the corporate image that the company has built for itself.

Internet Foundations CAP 370

Major topics covered in the course are: Internet history, data communication media, networking concepts, email, SMTP, the world wide web, FTP, HTTP, security issues; website building using HTML, CSS, DHTML and client-side scripting. .

Multimedia Website Design ART 381

Major topics covered are: graphic design techniques and principles of website design, and current technologies in the creation of commercial and personal websites to be viewed on the World Wide Web.

Painting ART 111

Major topics covered in this course are: various techniques in painting with oil paints from proper care and usage of brushes to painting surfaces, paints and mediums and an introduction to a variety of painting techniques and styles. Students will produce a minimum of four paintings of different themes. Each assignment will explore a different painting technique and style.

Publication Design ART 396

Students will master computerized layout and its relevant applications i.e. Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign along with advanced study and theory of layout and design. Two projects including magazine spreads and mastheads will be completed.

Two Dimensional Design ART 222

Major topics covered are: the study of two-dimensional design, color theory and major art movements. Design elements and relationships will be analyzed and employed, fostering aesthetic appreciation and critical analysis skills. The historical, psychological and cultural aspects of color will be studied to develop appropriate design and color decisions.

Typography I ART 291

Major topics covered in this graphics design course are typography, problem solving and development of ideas. The students will continue to build the portfolio-quality, graphic design projects for their portfolio.

Typography II ART 292

Major topics covered in the course are: visual communication and hierarchy through the study of design, layout and typography. Students will concentrate on completing portfolio-quality projects in this course.

Website Design and Development ART 207

Major topics covered in the course are: Creating web graphics, building, testing and maintaining websites. The course will include: creating and editing images for the web, web images formats, optimizing images for the web, creating animated GIFs and rollovers and background images, correctly setting up a site, webpage templates, FTP, synchronizing web pages, using an HTML and WYSIWYG editor, site validation and testing sites in a variety of browsers and creating and inserting .PDF files in a website.