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All our kodesh and chol courses have been recommended for credit by ACE / NCCRS since 1984

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Are you interested in gaining business and managerial skills that will enable you to enter the workforce or to enter a MBA or accounting program?
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Computer Science

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of computer technology? If you have an analytical mind, a patient personality, and a flair for computers, a degree in computer science is for you.
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Our schools play a vital role in educating our children and transmitting Torah values. We believe that children deserve professionally-trained teachers.
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Graphic Design

Are you creative? Do you enjoy working with computers? Our intensive, one-year program will provide you with the skills needed to attain employment straight out of school.
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What is the nature of human personality? The Maalot Yerushalayim psychology degree program is unique in that courses are fully professional and uncompromising on Torah and hashkafa.
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Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from PhD-certified instructors who live by their belief in a Borei Olam and have incorporated this into their teaching.
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Are you interested in helping people overcome difficulties in verbal communication? Would you like to work with both young and old to improve their quality of life? Then a degree in speech-language pathology is for you.
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Cyber Security

Do you want to be an ethical hacker? This is part of our computer science program
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Are you good with numbers? Maalot can prepare you for an M.S or a B.S in accounting.
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What our alumni have to say

Maalot was an incredible opportunity to study college subjects from teachers who are both accomplished professionals and mothers of Torah homes.
In Maalot, even the Psychology teachers are role models!
The warm and professional education I received has truly given me the tools for a lifetime. My training landed me a great job in a hi-tech firm.
Computer Science

Maalot – the best place For learning in a torah environment