All classes at Maalot Yerushalayim, both kodesh and chol, have been recommended for credit by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (formerly PONSI). Limudei kodesh courses are evaluated as upper-level college classes. Most students graduate with a B.A. from Thomas Edison State University or Charter Oak State College, both regionally accredited colleges. Other college options include  Empire State College, Excelsior College, and Concordia College.

Maalot students have gone on to many graduate schools such as Concordia (Sara Shenirer) Long Island University (Reb. Bulka), NYU, Adelphi, Columbia,  University of Southern California, University of Maryland, Wurzweiler Yeshiva University, Touro and Hunter College. They have pursued professions in education, social work, counseling, psychology, nursing, physician’s assistant, occupational and speech therapy, graphic and web design, computer science, business and others.

A year at Maalot Yerushalayim opens the door to professional employment opportunities. Our highly accomplished and professional chol teachers are yirei shamayim who inspire our students while giving them sophisticated skills. Our program offers the following academic tracks


  • BA Psychology
  • BS Psychology
  • BA Computer Science
  • BA Biology
  • BS Business Management and Economics
  • BS Human Development
  • BA General Studies-Judaic Studies
  • BA Liberal Arts
  • BA Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Social Sciences
  • BA Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Psychology
  • BA Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Natural Science/Math

Business and Accounting
Are you interested in gaining business and managerial skills that will enable you to enter the workforce or to enter a MBA program?

Maalot’s business program offers you this as well as giving you skills for all aspects of life.

The program offers a range of courses including human resource management, marketing principles, management technique, and principals of accounting.

Our schools play a vital role in educating our children and transmitting Torah values. At Maalot Yerushalayim, we believe that children deserve professionally-trained teachers. If you aspire to inspire, this is the career choice for you.

Maalot’s Education program equips students with skills to successfully teach so children will learn, to help children develop self-discipline, and to motivate children intrinsically. Topics include: classroom management, curriculum planning, teaching methodology, and childhood development.  Students can combine credits in education and psychology to meet the common prerequisites for post-graduate study.


Graphic Design 
Are you creative? Do you enjoy working with computers? If so, graphic design may be your career of choice! Our intensive, one-year program will provide you with the skills needed to attain employment straight out of school.

Maalot’s Graphic Design program lays a strong and thorough foundation in design theory, coupled with advanced technical computer skills. Students complete projects such as posters, corporate identities, advertising campaigns, book covers, magazine layouts and packaging, as well as design and build their own portfolio website. Additional web courses may be offered. The courses plus additional lab hours certify students in professional print design and prepare them to enter the job market immediately.


What is the nature of human personality? What is normal behavior? What is abnormal behavior? How do we help people facilitate normal development and overcome maladaptive patterns of functioning? There is an increasing need for skilled psychologists in our communities. The Maalot Yerushalayim psychology degree program is unique in that courses are fully professional and uncompromising on Torah and hashkafa.

Maalot’s Psychology program gives students a strong theoretical and applied understanding of human functioning based on the biopsychosocial model. Students are introduced to the various influences on attitudes, behavior and emotion, and explore how these influences affect assessment and treatment of psychopathology. The program provides a foundation for fields such as social work, school psychology, special education and counseling, all in a Bais Yaakov environment.


Computer Science
Do you want to be on the cutting edge of computer technology? If you have an analytical mind, a patient personality, and a flair for computers, a degree in computer science is for you.

Maalot’s Computer Science program equips students with the theory and practical skills necessary to compete in today’s high-tech field. Eleven 39 hour courses in basic and advanced computer programming along with corollary courses in advanced math are usually offered in order to meet the requirements for a major in computer science. Students are required to design, code and test programs using several programming languages; design and build databases; learn computer architecture and operating systems, and understand the basics of cyber security. Our alumni are currently working in top-rated industry businesses such as IBM, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Project Genesis, Sintec Media, Malam etc.

Science is the study of the order of the world – the macrocosm of the earth and the microcosm of our own bodies. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from PhD-certified instructors who live by their belief in a Borei Olam and have incorporated this into their teaching.

Maalot’s Science program is conducted in cooperation with the Michlalah Jerusalem College for Women. The program combines classroom lectures with hands-on lab work, and furnishes the prerequisites for health fields such as nursing, occupational therapy, nutrition, and physician’s assistant.

Speech-Language Pathology
Are you interested in helping people overcome difficulties in verbal communication? Would you like to work with both young and old to improve their quality of life? Then a degree in speech-language pathology is for you.

Maalot’s Speech-Language Pathology program presents in-depth course work and information on the latest developments in the field. Among the cases under study are: helping clients overcome a stutter, assisting clients to recover the ability to speak following a stroke, and achieving a better quality of speech. This program prepares students for graduate study in the field.