Course Descriptions

Biology BIO111, 3 credit hours in Biology or Science

Major topics include:  Fundamental principles of life processes of organisms, Scientific research, Scientific Method, basic concepts in Biochemistry, cell structures and function, metabolism, genetics, molecular genetics and animal form and function.

Computer Concepts and Applications CIS101, 4 credit hours  Computer Science electives
This course may be delivered in a classroom or online format. The course is intended as an introduction to computers and the basic application software categories of word processing, database and spreadsheets using Microsoft Office software applications.

Computer Programming I/Programming C++ COS213, 3 credit hours in Computer Science
Major topics are: arithmetic and relational operators, data types, control structures, functions (parameters call by value and call by reference), pointers and addresses, arrays, strings, structures, enumerations, type conversions, default parameters, dynamic allocation of memory, and references.

Developmental Psychology II PSY 212, 3 credit hours in Psychology
Major topics covered in the course are: physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of various stages from adolescence through adulthood; life-time transitions including marriage; career; family, maturation and facing death.

Introduction to Computer Science COS101, 3 credits in Computer Science

Major topics are: processing numeric and character information, debugging and testing (verification) of programs, program structure, arithmetic operations, looping, input/output operations, arrays, subroutines, character string manipulation, sorting and searching. General concepts and terminology of computer technology including hardware and software fundamentals, graphics, multimedia, networking, security and privacy issues are also explored.

Introduction to Marketing MAR 301, 3 credit hours  in Business, Management or Marketing
Major topics covered in the course are: the marketing concept; management imperatives; the role of marketing in strategic planning; forecasting, market structure, and segmentation; targeting, market segments, and product positioning; branding, packaging, advertising, and promotion; and pricing and distribution channels.

Introduction to Psychology PSY 101, 3 credit hours in Psychology or Social Sciences requirement
Major topics covered in the course include biological bases of behavior, perception, learning and memory; problem solving, mental health; psycho development, and social psychology.

Nutrition BIO208, 3 credit hours  in Science or Nutrition
Methods include lecture and lab. Topics include digestion, absorption of nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and mineral requirements, additives, fads, diet, exercise and body response, socioeconomic influences on nutritional habits, and culture and consumer concerns

Pre-Calculus MAT129
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to apply the concept of function and solve all types of equations and graph linear, trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential and rational equations as well as conic sections.

Principles of Management MAN 301, 3 credit hours in Business or Management
Major topics covered in the course are: the importance of the firm to modern society, role and tasks of management; ethical issues and societal responsibility of the firm; decision making; international business; importance and process of planning; individual and group behavior; theories of motivation; control; managing for quality; leadership; and the impact of rapid change on managers and businesses.

Survey of Exceptional Children,  3 credit hours in Psychology
Major topics include: introduction to the study of exceptional children: laws and legislation regarding individuals with special needs, early intervention, Regular Education Initiative, learning disabilities, mental retardation, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, speech and language disorders, autistic spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, visual impairment, emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disabilities and giftedness. Also discussed are the incidences of these phenomena, etiology, diagnosis and treatment, behavior management and intervention in the inclusive classroom. 3 credit hours in Psychology. 

Survey of Graphic Design, 4 credit hours in Art
Major topics are: preparing digital files for print, color spaces, image formats, file resolutions, different print processes, binding and finishing techniques, creating Postscript and PDF files, papermaking processes, printing substrates, ordering a print job, working with pre-press bureaus and printers, and creating a PDF portfolio.